Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°36 2019)

Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°36 2019)

Vous êtes une association, un établissement scolaire, une collectivité ? Voici une sélection d’organisations de différents pays européens qui recherchent des partenaires en région pour participer à des projets d’échanges…


  • Projet : “Look at the same, see different”, Youth exchange in Lisboa
  • Partenaire recherché : This is a project about gender equality, leaders and participants should be committed to the topic. 11 European countries. Group of each country – 4 participants and 1 leader.
  • Date du projet : August 2019;
  • Date limite : as soon as possible (Erasmus+ deadline 30 avril)
  • Description/objectif : The aim of this International Exchange is to put together 70 young people from different European countries, with diverse cultural backgrounds, but with common interests to share knowledge and learn about the topic of gender equality, discrimination & social inclusion.
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  • Projet : “Facilitating to Learn, Learning to Facilitate”, Training and Networking (Erasmus+ program, Key Action 1)
  • Coordinateur : Contextos, a cooperative located in Faro, Portugal
  • Partenaire recherché : The training course will gather 30 participants – youth leaders, youth workers, trainers with some basic experience in non-formal learning and who are willing to develop further their competences as facilitators of young people’s learning and development.
  • Date du projet :from 2020-01-15 till 2020-01-21
  • Date limite : 2019-04-16
  • Description/objectif : The specific objectives of the training are:
    1) Acquire & gain a basic understanding of the concept of facilitation and different aspects of the facilitation process;
    2) Develop and enrich facilitation competencies in working with non-formal education;
    3) Experiment different group facilitation methods and empower facilitators in implementing quality training activities using participatory methods;
    4) Share and exchange participatory methods, tools, and good practices in order to improve teamwork and group creativity;
    5) Provide resources and tools about facilitation (books, manuals, etc…);
    6) Share experiences regarding facilitation;
    7) Raise awareness about the process of group dynamics;
    8) Practice the facilitation competencies gained during the course;
    9)Promote cooperation between the different partners after the TC.
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  • Projet : Sustainable Development for Young Entrepreneurs from rural areas
  • Coordinateur : Gori Municipality Strategic Development Agency, Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
    based in Georgia
  • Partenaire recherché : Young Entrepreneurs from rural areas
  • Date du projet : from 2019-08-12 till 2019-10-12
  • Date limite : 2019-04-17
  • Description/objectif : With this project we want to conduct and to improve young entrepreneurs’ skills in the field of agricultural business and management, in the promotion of their self-produced products, as well as the development and the enhancement of their decision-making skills, such as regulation of the financial parties, prices and costs, budget, human resources, public relations and more.
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  • Projet : Online or Offline – Keep it safe and friendly, Youth Exchange
  • Coordinateur : Asociatia TB – Think Big, Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation based in Romania (Runcu )
  • Partenaire recherché : 24 young people 16-23 years old from 6 countries.
  • Date du projet : from 2019-09-24 till 2019-10-03
  • Date limite : 2019-04-15
  • Description/objectif : The aim of this project is, therefore, to increase the level of information among the young people from rural areas in regards to the threats of social media.
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  • Projet : Strategic Partnership – Related to capacity building of youth centers
  • Coordinateur : Ankara Metropolitan Municipalityn, Turkey
  • Partenaire recherché : We are looking for partners in youth affairs belong to a municipality in Europe.
  • Date du projet : from 2019 till 2021
  • Date limite : 2019-04-20
  • Description/objectif : We aim to support and strengthen young people by increasing the capacity of youth centers.To achieve this goal, we want to prepare a project for youth workers. The aim of this project is; Development of the quality and sustainability of youth centers. Providing young people with opportunities to participate in activities that support their personal and social development and to enable them to benefit from opportunities offered by youth centers at maximum level. In this respect, we want to prepare a project for youth workers in order to improve their capacity according to achievement of subject goals
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A noter, le réseau Salto-Youth, vous propose une base de donnés d’opportunités pour participer à des séminaires de contact et formations dans le cadre du programme Erasmus+ ainsi qu’un moteur de recherche de partenaires pour vos projets européens. Pour le milieu éducatif, School Education Gateway recense des opportunités et des appel à partenaires spécialisées.

Rédacteur : CRIJ/CIED - Angela L.
Date création : 11/04/2019

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