Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°33 2018)

Recherche de partenaires / Call for Partners (N°33 2018)

Vous êtes une association, un établissement scolaire, une collectivité ? Voici une sélection d’organisations de différents pays européens qui recherchent des partenaires en région pour participer à des projets d’échanges…

  • Projet : (RE)ACT AGAINST HATE, training course KA1 Erasmus+ for Youth workers
  • Coordinateur : Asociatia Be You, Romania
  • Date du projet : 14-23 October 2019 in Aninoasa, Dambovita
  • Date limite : 2018-12-05
  • Description/objectif : “(RE)ACT AGAINST HATE” Training Course that aims to explore the causes, consequences and forms of hate speech. Also will tackle racism, discrimination, stereotypes and hate crime, phenomena that are interconnected with hate speech. The training course will develop youth workers specific competences to identify, tackle and to fight hate speech, with effective methods that will be used in their daily work with affected young people by this phenomenon, but also to prevent hate speech among them.
  • Contact : Ilona Balint (
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  • Projet : Stay offline, Youth Exchange
  • Coordinateur : Youth Hub, an Informal Group of Young People
    based in Cyprus
  • Partenaire recherché : young people from 16 to 26
  • Date du projet : from 2019-03-16 till 2019-03-25
  • Date limite : 2019-10-02
  • Description/objectif : This projects aims on youth 16-25 who are mainly addicted on internet and want to stop this bad habit .
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  • Projet : Under the same sun, Training and Networking
  • Coordinateur : Youth center Idrija (Mladinski center Idrija), Slovenia
  • Partenaire recherché : We are looking for partners (youth workers or other professions) who are working with people with disabilities. We are inviting young people (20 – 35 years old) who would be willing to upgrade and share their views, knowledge and experiences. Training will be in Idrija, Slovenia between 7. 10. 2018 and 12. 10. 2018. Each partner should send 2 participants.
  • Date du projet : from 2019-05-06 till 2019-05-10
  • Date limite : 2019-09-30
  • Description/objectif : this raining will address topics such as inclusion, tolerance and possibilities of people with and without disabilities. Through the project we want to encourage people to think about accessibility in broader way. We would also like to address topics such as inclusion, tolerance and possibilities of people with and without disabilities. Firstly, we will discuss these topics at different workshops. Led by trainer we will discover and share own perception on these concepts. We will try to change perspectives with learning by experiences, sharing good practices and working methods, and thinking how to create youth exchange for youth with disability. At the end we will also prepare guerrilla action about inclusion, we will upgrade a booklet about current possibilities for people with disabilities in local area.
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  • Projet : Erasmus + KA105 project under Project CHEERS (Culture,health,empowering,empathy,relationships,sport)
  • Coordinateur : Blackpool, Glen, Farranree CTC, Cork
  • Partenaire recherché : We are looking for a school, an organization with young people aged 16-20, who we can visit for about one week and then organize their stay in our country.
  • Date du projet : from 2019 till 2020
  • Date limite : 30/11/2018
  • Description/objectif : The main aim of the exchange project ‘CHEERS’ is to share knowledge, skills, and experiences with teachers and teenagers from the country involved. Health, sport and culture seems to be a really important factor, which may have a positive influence on the teenagers. That is why we encourage young people to practise sport, lead an active life and develop culturally.
    Besides, the aim of the project is to integrate students from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures through sport. We will try to show them how important physical activity is to a healthy lifestyle, and to emphasize that everyone has a right to be involved in sports activities, regardless of nationality, skin colour,ability, religion, or social status. The exchange students will have a chance to take part in competitions, matches, and other sports events.
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A noter, le réseau Salto-Youth, vous propose une base de donnés d’opportunités pour participer à des séminaires de contact et formations dans le cadre du programme Erasmus+ ainsi qu’un moteur de recherche de partenaires pour vos projets européens. Pour le milieu éducatif, School Education Gateway recense des opportunités et des appel à partenaires spécialisées.

Rédacteur : CRIJ/CIED - Angela L.
Date création : 08/11/2018

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